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Tales of Vesperia: "3am Feedings"

More or less for [community profile] tales_100's "ten years later" prompt, but it refuses to be 100 words or to be any longer than this. So, here you are. It's a thing. I also wrote it entirely in "active" and "show, not tell" sentences as an exercise.

Featuring: Yuri/Judith
Words: 137
Rating: G

3am Feedings

He woke slowly, his eyes still heavy from sleep, and sat up in the darkened room without completely knowing why. Then it came again, the gurgling but urgent cry, and Yuri scrubbed his eyes to clear them.

No movement from Judy's side of the bed, of course. He spared it an amused glance before levering himself up and heading down the familiar hallway with half-blind steps. One, two, three, pass the bathroom; four, five, six, the right door. Another cry.

Yuri bent over the crib. She quieted, face unscrunching and enormous gray eyes finding his.

"You never get up," he said, mostly over his shoulder.

"Why should I?" Her lazy voice warmed the near-darkness. "You always do."

That made him laugh. "I guess I do," he admitted, and reached down to gather their daughter to his chest.
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[personal profile] sincere 2012-03-11 08:05 pm (UTC)(link)
/gathers this up and cuddles it forever

/they totally have a daughter
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Aw, Yuri would be the kind of Papa that would jump for his kid.

He'd be a wife's dream come true during those hours at that stage of parenting. XP

I also love that you gave them a daughter. For some reason I think both would be really good with one (though maybe they should stick to just one, Yuri might get tangled up if he had too many little fingers wrapped around him). XD
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I also forgot to mention but I like the bit that even though she lets Yuri get up and do it, Judith is awake too when her baby cries.